Why does my circular saw keep stopping? [How to fix it] (2023)

A circular saw is considered one of the most difficult tools to work with. He is known as a complicated member of his family. Handling it requires great care and attention to avoid malfunction. However, in addition to proper care, it can stop working for a variety of reasons.

The circular saw stops in the middle of work when the saw blades are dull or damaged and do not work properly. Malfunctions can also occur if the saw motor is not working properly. However, there could be other reasons like cable issues, voltage issues, etc. It can also occur due to a malfunction of other parts of the saw.

The circular saw is one of the household tools whose advantages are mainly concentrated after their failure. Most people don't know anything about the proper use of saws. This is likely to cause the factors that stop the saw.

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What are the factors behind stopping the circular saw?

Various issues can arise that may cause your circular saw to stop working. The factors are most likely due to prolonged use of the circular saw. Therefore, to prolong the life of your saw, you must understand the factors behind its downtime:

1. Coarse circular saw blades

Among all the problems, the blade problem is the most common. Dull or rough blades will not allow the saw to work efficiently. Also working with the dull blades is quite challenging and difficult. Unsharpened blades often get stuck when cutting. As a result, your saw may stop working even if other parts are in good condition.

(Video) Saw Binding? Cutting Slow? Is it the Motor? or Changing the Blade fixes the problem

2. Loose coupling or bolts

Apart from the sharpness of the blades, there are many reasons for the blades to malfunction. The blades can jam due to a loose clutch(an odd looking washer where the screw holds the blades in the saw chuck). So if your engine runs properly and the blades keep stalling, you either need to replace the clutch or tighten it.

3. Tightening the blades

If you try to cut a workpiece that is supported at both ends, you are likely to pinch the blade. This can cause your saw to stop moving and become stuck on the workpiece. The knife stop is a safety measure. The other alternative is for the saw to move backwards towards you.

4. Overheated circular saw

Overheating of the saw blades also leads to standstill. Heavy use of blunt blades for cutting requires more pressure, resulting in more friction effects. These effects cause the blades to overheat. Due to overheating, the thermal switch will stop the blade as a safety feature. Therefore, when using the saw, be careful not to use it abruptly and violently for cutting.

5. Unsuitable workpiece

Using an improper work piece can be a factor in saw stalling. If you use a workpiece that is thicker than the actual depth capacity of the saw, it can get stuck. You should also check the sewing material for knots. Knots in the wood can cause the blades to jam and become stuck. Rather, you need to verify that your workpiece is properly seated in the fixture.

6. Engine problems

The second most common problem that stalls the saw in the middle of use is the motor problem. The motor problem could be due to bad working blades, saw motor brass and motor shaft etc.

7. High Voltage

In some cases, the power source conducts an extremely high voltage that can be potentially harmful. Eventually, the high voltage will destroy the insulation on the power cord, preventing the saw from receiving enough power to function.

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How do I check my saw? [Circular Saw Troubleshooting]

Mainly, finding the cause of the malfunction is not easy. So, in order to fix the problems, we need to examine the device thoroughly. To find out the problem that stops the circular saw. Below are the steps you should follow to troubleshoot issues:

  1. Check the likely blocked process.
  2. Find out if the air filter is stuck in the saw or not.
  3. Check the electrical cable. In most cases the power cord is damaged and the power through the saw is cut off.
  4. Make sure the reset button on the saw is not broken or knocked out.
  5. In most cases, the saw stops and stops working due to overheating of the saw blades. So check if the blades are overheated. Try restarting the device again.
  6. Make sure the saw blade snaps into place.
  7. Make sure the current flowing through the current code is normal.
  8. If you see lubricating oil on the surface of the motor, look for a problem with the motor brushes. There may be a problem with the motor capacitor.
  9. If your saw has grounded plugs, check whether they are intact or not.

Here you are done troubleshooting.

How to repair your circular saw

How to fix the problems that keeps blocking the circular saw:

Why does my circular saw keep stopping? [How to fix it] (1)

1. Blade change

Replace your circular saw blade with a high quality blade. Some people stop changing saw blades just because they are using high quality saw blades with sharp edges or corners.

My recommendation for the best circular saw blade:DEWALT circular saw blade 7-1/4 inch 60 teeth

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2. Tightening the screws

If you find your blade clutch is loose, use a blade wrench to tighten it. Loose blades can no longer perform their function properly due to loose coupling screws. If the bolts cannot hold the blades to the saw arbor, the blades will not function properly.

3. Blade size

Use the correct size saw blade. If you find your saw needs a specific inch blade, use the same size. Don't be too smart by getting a bigger blade. Because it prevents the blades from working properly and can become dangerous afterwards.

4. Defective engine brass

Occasionally the culprit behind an erratically running engine is engine brass. If your saw is old enough and making noises like hissing or clicking, you're more likely to have the motor brass replaced quickly. Try to replace it with a new one despite the repair.

5. Problem with fat

If you find that your saw's motor often suddenly stops working, check the grease. Old grease damages the engine from the inside. When you fill the engine with new grease, it will initially run efficiently. After a while it will become solid. This solidified grease becomes scrap for the engine and begins to function imperfectly. Therefore, you need to make it a habit to change the fat regularly.

6. Motor shaft problem

If your saw's motor stalls immediately, check the motor chucks. The worn condition of the chuck cannot hold the saw blades due to what is jamming it. So try swapping the chucks to avoid this condition.

7. Rotor and stator failure

If you notice smoke or a burning smell, your motor's rotor and stator are damaged. You must replace it immediately as it can become dangerous later.

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8. Corrupt Power Codes

If power codes are damaged, replace them instead of repairing them. If the device is excessively cracked or discolored, replace it with a new one.

9. Carbon brushes

Sometimes the saw motor also stops working when the carbon brushes are worn out. Old carbon brushes can no longer turn the shaft properly due to wear and tear and the saw stops.

10. Engine oil change

Try changing the engine oil more regularly if you hear harsh whistling noises coming from the saw. This helps the blades avoid chafing.

11. Avoid overheating

If the blades are overheating frequently, turn the switch off until the motor reaches a cooler temperature. Then slowly start cutting at low temperature.

12. Power source

Use a portable, reliable power source that supplies normal voltage. So that your device does not stop due to electrical sparks.

13. Purification

Always make sure that your workplace is clean and dust-free. Also, keep your saw blades clean after use.

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Why does my saw keep getting stuck? ›

Your cut isn't straight, The set of the saw teeth is not large enough, so the kerf created by the blade isn't wide enough to allow the saw room to pass without undue friction, or. Your saw teeth are too fine for the wood you're sawing.

Why does my circular saw motor turn but the blade does not? ›

A circular saw usually has a direct drive. I.e. the motor spindle is also the center shaft for the blade. So if your motor is spinning, but not the blade, it means the blade has lost contact to the shaft. Check if the blade is properly centered and aligned with all locating pins (if your saw has some).

Why does my circular saw blade keep breaking? ›

Using too much tension or too little tension while you are sawing is a leading cause of scroll saw blades breaking. Whether you are applying too much tension or too little tension, using improper tension is a surefire way to break your scroll saw blades.

Why does my circular saw keep stopping mid cut? ›

Dull saw blades:

This circular saw problem is the most common problem why a circular saw blade stop spinning. Blunt blades make it difficult for the saw to cut effectively. The motor cannot develop enough power to allow the saw blade to cut through the wood, causing the saw blade to stop.

What causes a circular saw to bind? ›

Proper blade depth

Setting the blade too deep causes a few problems. First, it's more dangerous than a correctly set blade because more blade is exposed while cutting. In addition, the saw is more likely to bind and kick back if the blade is too deep. Safety issues aside, blades cut more efficiently when properly set.


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