Why does my circular saw keep stalling? 9 reasons and solutions - excellent cutter (2023)

If you are a circular saw user looking for an answer to the question why does my circular saw keep stopping? Then you have come to the right place.

Circular saws usually stall due to a dull or damaged blade. But issues like an insufficient battery or a damaged power cord can also cause a circular saw to stall over and over again.

As I mentioned before, the problem can be caused by many reasons. So there is no single answer to the above question i.e. h “Why does mine workSierra circularkeep stopping?"

Luckily I have already done some research for you. During my studies I found a few reasons that cause a circular saw to stall or behave strangely.

In this article I have given some reasons why a circular saw does not work properly. I have also mentioned the correct solution for each cause of the problem, so make sure to read this article till the end.

Why does my circular saw keep stopping?

Why does my circular saw keep stalling? 9 reasons and solutions - excellent cutter (1)

Reason 1: Blade problem

As I mentioned earlier, the first and most common problem due to it being aCircular saw keeps stopping when the saw blade is damaged. You should check each time before you want to use your saw.

Always make sure you have a blade in good condition before cutting anything with it. This way the machine is not put under too much stress and the saw can work properly without putting too much stress on it.

Reason 2: Poor Performance

If the saw you are using does not have enough power to cut through an object, it will not be able to cut and will stall. most ofCircular saws that come with a 7-1/4-inch bladeconsume about 65 watts of power.

However, some models require up to 80 watts. So make sure your saw has enough power to cut through the material you're trying to cut. The knife will stop until it receives enough power.

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Reason 3: insufficient weight

Similarly, if your saw isn't heavy enough, it won't be able to provide enough torque to cut through the material and will stall constantly. To find out how much weight your circular saw should weigh, consider whether you are cutting soft material (wood) or hard material (plastic).

If you need more weight for a circular saw, choose a model that has a metal plate next to the saw blade. If you plan to cut a large number of similar materials, choose a heavy-duty circular saw.

Reason 4: loose power cord

If the power cord is not connected correctly, it continues to stop. You need to make sure you have a solid connection between the circular saw and the outlet.

While cutting with your circular saw, check if the wires are still connected correctly or not. If you find a loose wire or connection, simply stop the circular saw and rearrange the wires so there is a proper connection.

Reason 5: damaged power cord

If your power cord becomes damaged or burned while cutting, it can also cause your circular saw to stall constantly. Using a concrete blade when working on concrete surfaces can very easily damage the power cord.

Also, the shield that came with your saw is not made of a soft material and cannot withstand high temperatures. So if you're working on a hot surface like concrete, the laser will glow red in no time, which can also damage the power cord.

Similar problems can also cause a circular saw to keep stalling. So make sure your power cord isn't damaged or that you have an extension cord that can handle the heavier load of your jobsite and keep the saw running smoothly.

Reason 6: Motor problems

The other reason a circular saw stalls is motor problems. If there is a problem with the motor, it can cause your saw to stall or not run properly.

The best way to tell if there is a problem with your circular saw motor is to check the blade tension while you are cutting. If you feel the blade is loose or not holding properlycut a straight lineline, there is most likely a problem with the motor.

To resolve this issue you can either clean the gears with a lubricant or there are some small parts that may need to be replaced to get your saw working properly again.

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Reason 7: Bad connection

If there is a bad connection between the handle (where you connected the battery) and the saw blade, it can also cause your saw to stall constantly.

To ensure a tight connection, make sure you have firmly inserted the screws (provided with your saw) and tighten them with a screwdriver.

This holds the battery in place so it doesn't move out of position while cutting, causing the circular saw to stop suddenly over and over again.

Reason 8: The motor does not work properly

The other reason your circular saw keeps stalling is that your saw's motor may not be running properly. If your corded circular saw is having a motor problem, see how often it stalls while cutting wood.

If there are multiple interruptions while cutting a board, the motor is most likely not working properly. In this case, you must repair or replace the motor of your circular saw.

Or if there are no breaks at all, your power cord may be damaged, and as mentioned above, you can easily replace it with a heavy-duty one.

Reason 9: sawdust

The last reason for your circular saw to stop suddenly is dust buildup in your motor. When the motor is clogged with sawdust and dirt, not enough air or cooling can get to the motor area. This will cause your engine to overheat and stop running out of the blue.

How do you fix a circular saw that keeps stopping?

Below are some of the solution steps that may help you fix your problem.circular saw problems. Not all of them may apply to your situation, but if you try them all, your circular saw can work perfectly like new.

Why does my circular saw keep stalling? 9 reasons and solutions - excellent cutter (2)
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Solution 1: Change the sheet

The best way to prevent malfunction and downtime from your circular saw is to use a good saw blade. When you have performed all the necessary maintenance on your saw, it is time to replace the saw blade with a new one.

.Before buying a new blade, check the reviews and make sure you are not buying an inferior product. This can ruin the performance of your saw in no time and will require further repair soon after installation.

Solution 2: Change the power cord

If your power cord is damaged or frayed, it can also cause your circular saw to stall while it's running. In order for it to work properly, it is best that you replace the power cord with a new one.

To determine whether or not your power cord is damaged, check it for major injuries (such as cuts or burns). If there are no visible signs of damage, the next step is to check the performance of your power cord. If it works fine, there should be no problem and you can replace it with a new one.

Solution 3: Clean the power cord and motor

If there are multiple issues causing a circular saw to stop cutting wood, it could also be because dust, dirt, or fine particles have built up in the motor.

To fix this problem, you can take the motor out and then clean it with a lubricant to remove all the sawdust that has accumulated inside.

No matter what causes your circular saw to stall while cutting wood, always remember to wear safety gear before getting to work. This protects you and everyone who works with you from accidents or mishaps during a wood cutting project.

Solution 4: Replace the motor brass

If you've tried all of the above solutions and your circular saw still stalls when cutting wood, the likely cause is a damaged brass motor screw.

The brass screw in your circular saw's motor holds its parts together, and if lost or damaged, it can cause your circular saw to stop suddenly mid-job. This problem can be fixed by replacing the brass screw on the motor with a new one.

In case you are not sure how to replace the brass motor screw, contact an expert who will definitely fix this problem for you at an affordable price.

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It's always easier to research and fix problems with circular saws before they cause more problems than the work already done.

Solution 5: Tension the engine V-belt

If there are no visible signs of damaged parts or broken wires, your circular saw motor is likely slipping out of position due to a loose V-belt. This is easily fixed by tensioning the motor V-belt so that it does not move while the machine is running.

Solution 6: Check your saw's power cord and cables

If your circular saw's power cord(s) show visible signs of damage, you should replace them immediately as they can cause further destruction inside your circular saw.

If these pieces break, in many casesCut or burn your circular saw motor, causing great damage

Solution 7 – Check if your circular saw motor and other parts are damaged; clean them

If you've checked the power cord and found no evidence of a problem, there may be a problem with your motor. To check this, remove the cover of your power tool, then look inside for loose parts.

Unfortunately, ordinary people may not be able to afford the cost of repairing such a machine, but if you plan to buy a new circular saw, then try to replace it with a better model. Replacing old machines with new, high-quality machines will definitely make your woodworking experience enjoyable.

To get the right circular saw for your woodworking, you now need to be able to tell the difference between an ideal and an inferior one. You need this basic knowledge when choosing the perfect circular saw for you or your construction needs.

If you are looking for a high quality circular saw, you can also read my reviews.

Solution 8: Properly lubricate the machine

If you have applied all of the above solutions and are still having issues with a circular saw that keeps stalling while cutting wood, then the most likely cause is inadequate lubrication.

Dirty or overloaded saw blades can cause your circular saw to stop abruptly while you're working, but usually this problem occurs because your machine's ingenuity isn't efficient enough to keep it running.

The best thing to do is replace the saw blade or properly lubricate it with a good lubricant like WD-40 to keep your circular saw running smoothly when cutting wood.

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last words

There could be any number of reasons why your circular saw keeps bogging down during your project. Usually beginners panic easily and may think why my circular saw keeps stopping.

After reading this article, I am sure you will have an idea about your problem. Surely you can now fix it and continue working as a professional carpenter in your workshop.


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