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Freon is one of the basic components of the air conditioning system in many older cars and must be replaced periodically for the air conditioning to work properly.

CFC replacements cost from $187 to $261in most garagesCFC alone costs from $57 to $120.

Comparison of freon replacement costs

Below are some examples of freon replacement costs in some of the country's leading garage chains. These costs should be considered as a rough estimate as costs may vary depending on your needs and required parts.

Your mechanic

Occupation Guarantee Occupied
Parts and labor 12 months 167 $ - 275 $


Occupation Guarantee Occupied
Parts and labor 12 months 171 $ - 261 $

time. Tire

Occupation Guarantee Occupied
Parts and labor 12 months 175 $ - 230 $


Occupation Guarantee Occupied
Parts and labor 12 months 172 $ - 275 $


Occupation Guarantee Occupied
Parts and labor 12 months 40 $ - 150 $


Occupation Guarantee Occupied
Parts and labor 12 months 35 $ ​​- 180 $

What is freon?

Freon is a chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) gas that is liquid when confined but instantly turns to gas at room temperature. Like many CFC gases, freon has been used as a refrigerant in refrigerators and air conditioning systems in both homes and cars. Freon never existed as a gas until 1930 when it was invented by two chemical engineers. Freon was produced to replace many of the coolants of the time, which did more harm than good.

Freon then became the new refrigerant and refrigerant and was labeled R-22 on the equipment where it was used. But there was also a problem with this new refrigerant; it has caused more damage to the ozone layer than good to our homes or industries. When burned, R-22 produced a gas called HFC-23, which scientists discovered was directly related to the depletion of the ozone layer, as well as other negative effects it had on humans.

After 2003, there were no more CFC-powered air conditioners to mitigate the damage done to the planet. This means that anyone who has freon air conditioning in their car had to get a replacement as soon as possible. Another aspect to consider is the AC freon replacement cost you may incur.

When should freon be replaced?

Any AC system manufactured after 2003 is likely to run on the safer CFC gas known as Puron. Freon air conditioners are being phased out quickly, although that doesn't mean they can't be used as they are. There are still plenty of CFC replacement service stations to search for when AC is running low.

It is important to regularly replace the Freon coolant in the air conditioner. So you can continue to heat or cool efficiently and your air conditioning system will last longer. In the long run, this will save you a lot of repair problems - in the event of complete wear of the system and frequent visits to the workshop.

Another thing you should consider is switching to an AC system that runs on the new HCFC gas, Puron. Following the signing of the Montreal Protocol, the United States banned the production of freon-based refrigeration systems from 2010. There is still a petition to phase out all freon-based refrigeration systems by 2020.

What does this mean for the current pre-2010 car cooling system? This means AC freon replacement costs can skyrocket when demand starts to exceed supply. In addition, before 2010, fewer and fewer workshops will be able to service installations operating on cooling systems. While this may take many years, it is worth considering a complete overhaul and installation of a Purona based cooling system which will be less expensive to run, supplement and service.

What is done when replacing freon?

Here is the step-by-step process of what happens when replacing freon:

  1. A refrigerant dispenser will be attached to the freon can
  2. The engine will be started and the air conditioning set to maximum
  3. The mechanic will check the pulley on the compressor to make sure it is working properly
  4. The coolant filling hole will be unscrewed and the dispenser will be installed
  5. Then the mechanic will gradually charge the alternating current with freon

It should be noted that freon gas is highly flammable and quite toxic when burned. Therefore, you should never attempt to change the gas yourself if you are not trained in handling CFC gases.

Always look for a professional who is certified to handle freon-based automotive cooling systems. They will know how to remove the compressor and replace the gas in a very controlled environment.

The same care should be taken when completely replacing the old air conditioning system with a new one based on Purona. Your preferred technician should not only be trained to replace freon, but also have the skills to dispose of it.

If you want to sell your old Freon AC as scrap to shipbuilding dealers, make sure the CFC gas chamber is replaced with proper care. The yard owner may need documentation to prove this, or will refuse to pay for an old cooling system if the freon space has not been properly removed and disposed of.

How to save money on freon replacement

The Montreal Protocol already makes R-22 expensive to sell, so tough times are ahead for those still using older AC models. Nevertheless, there is always a loophole that can be exploited, so even in difficult times, a cheaper solution is always enough. One of these options is to buy R-22 gas online at a lower price.

Another option to try is to buy R-22 in bulk from websites as well. The old trick of buying items in bulk still works here, and you'll definitely pay less for a dozen cans than you would for three cans. Buying in bulk also keeps you stocked up the next time you stop blowing cool air.

Are you thinking about replacing your old cooling system with a new and efficient Puron AC? Discounts are ongoing for those switching to Purona based air conditioners. As the government tries to reduce the number of cars using CFC refrigerants, it rewards those who use efficient Puron air conditioners; one compensation decision can give you a tax break from the government. Other states in the US also offer property tax credits as a "going green" rebate.

Freon sample replacement costs

Below are some examples of freon replacement costs for some of the most commonly owned cars in the country.

Model Work Delete Total
Ford F series 110 $ - 141 $ 77 $ - 120 $ 187 $ - 261 $
Chevrolet Silverado 110 $ - 141 $ 77 $ - 120 $ 187 $ - 261 $
Ford Focus 110 $ - 141 $ 77 $ - 120 $ 187 $ - 261 $
Toyota Camry 110 $ - 141 $ 57 $ - 89 $ 167 $ - 230 $
Toyota Corolla 110 $ - 141 $ 57 $ - 89 $ 167 $ - 230 $
Nissan Altima 110 $ - 141 $ 57 $ - 89 $ 167 $ - 230 $
Honda CR-V 110 $ - 141 $ 57 $ - 89 $ 167 $ - 230 $
Honda Civic 110 $ - 141 $ 57 $ - 89 $ 167 $ - 230 $
Honda Accord 110 $ - 141 $ 57 $ - 89 $ 167 $ - 230 $
Ford Fusion 110 $ - 141 $ 77 $ - 120 $ 187 $ - 261 $


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