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In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Is the Tiguantowing a caravan? We also review the new VW Tiguan and talk about the engine, transmission, technology, safety and what we don't like about the new model.

Can the Tiguan tow a caravan?

Thanks to the large towing capacity, the VW Tiguan easily tows any caravan weighing up to 2,500 kg. VW Tiguan is a comfortable car, created for long journeys. In addition, there is plenty of space everywhere, and the trunk can be enlarged by sliding the rear seats.

Especially the new VW Tiguan will not let you down!

Volkswagen Tiguan towing capacity

Car model
Towing ability without brakeBraked towing capacity
Volkswagen Tiguan 2017 2.0L I-4 turboładowarka2200 kg
Volkswagen Tiguan 2016 2.0L I-4 turboładowarka2200 kg
Volkswagen Tiguan 2015 2.0L I-4 turboładowarka2200 kg
Volkswagen Tiguan 2014 2.0L I-4 turboładowarka2200 kg
Volkswagen Tiguan 2013 2.0L I-4 turboładowarka2200 kg
Volkswagen Tiguan 2012 2.0L I-4 turboładowarka2200 kg
Volkswagen Tiguan 2011 2.0L I-4 turboladet2200 kg
Volkswagen Tiguan 2010 2.0L I-4 turboładowarka2200 kg
Volkswagen Tiguan (2019) WOLFSBURG EDITION 2.0L, PULP, 7 SP AUTO2500 kg
Volkswagen Tiguan (2018) 110 TDI COMFORTLINE 2.0L, Diesel, 7 SP AUTO2500 kg
Volkswagen Tiguan (2018) 132 TSI ADVENTURE (SPECIAL ED) 2.0L, PULP, 7 SP AUTO2500 kg
Volkswagen Tiguan (2017) 110 TDI ADVENTURE (SPECIAL ED) 2.0L, Diesel, 7 SP AUTO2500 kg
Volkswagen Tiguan (2017) 162 TSI SPORTLINE 2.0L, PULP, 7 SP AUTO2500 kg
Volkswagen Tiguan (2016) 110 TSI TRENDLINE 1.4L, PULP, 6 SP MAN1800 kg
Volkswagen Tiguan (2008-2016) 1.4 TSi BlueMotion Tech Match (2WD) (08/13-) 5d750 kg1800 kg
Volkswagen Tiguan (2008-2016) 1.4 TSi Match (08/13-) 5d750 kg2000 kg
Volkswagen Tiguan (2008-2016) 2.0 TDi BlueMotion Tech Escape (150 KM) 5d750 kg2200 kg
Volkswagen Tiguan (2008-2016) 2.0 TDI Escape 5d Auto750 kg2000 kg
Volkswagen Tiguan (from 2016) 2.0 TDi BMT (150 KM) 4Motion R-Line 5d750 kg2200 kg
Volkswagen Tiguan (from 2016) SE Navigation 1.4 TSI ACT BMT 150PS 2WD 5d740 kg1800 kg
Volkswagen Tiguan (from 2016) SE Navigation 2.0 TDI SCR BMT 150 HP 2WD DSG auto 5d750 kg2000 kg
Volkswagen TIGUAN kombi 1.4 TSi BMT 125 S 5dr740 kg1.600 kg
Volkswagen TIGUAN kombi 2.0 TSi BMT 180 4Motion R Line 5d750 kg2.000 kg
Volkswagen TIGUAN station wagon 2.0 TSi BMT 180 4Motion SEL 5d DSG750 kg2500 kg

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New VW Tiguan: full review

Let's start with the basics:

  • Cylindrical capacity (l/cm3): 2.0/1968
  • Traction: 4 Motion (four-wheel drive)
  • Maximum power, kW (hp) at 1/min: 110 (150) / 3500-4000
  • Maximum torque, Nm at 1/min: 340/1750-3000
  • Top speed, km/h: 200 (automatic transmission)
  • Acceleration, 0-80 / 0-100 km/t, seconds: 6.2 / 9.3
  • Fuel consumption extra-urban / combined / city, l / 100 km: 5.1 / 5.7 / 6.8
  • Luggage capacity with rear seats folded/unfolded, litres: 615-1655

With the new Tiguan, the VW Group is making little progress towards the luxury car segment. The car is now larger than the previous generation, has more accessories, is more technologically advanced, safer and of course more expensive.

People's car (Volkswagen), maybe, but for people with contributions; prices start at $21,000 and can go over $50,000 for top-end versions, especially with "help" from the endless list of options typical of German brands.

What is the new Tiguan?

First of all, a comfortable car, built for long journeys, on the highway if possible, but also on secondary roads if necessary. The brand's off-road capabilities are there, but it's certainly not a road-starting car unless you have nowhere else to go.

There's plenty of room everywhere - even if you're 1.90m tall, you don't have to recline the seat all the way back to get a comfortable driving position, but even if you push it out of curiosity, you'll find there's still plenty of room for rear passengers.

For the driver, these are small pleasures:Active information display, for example (standard for Highline equipment), which replaces classic dashboards with electronic versions, in several configurations, according to the taste of the driver.

Or any other gadget likehead-up display,which (unfortunately) is not projected onto the windshield, but onto a clear plastic strip in front of the steering wheel. The digital dashboard ensures clarity, ease of use and integration with the driver's smartphone at all timesCar-Net App Connect– in other words, the phone screen can be "reflected" on the dashboard screen.

The list of assistance and safety systems is very long. Here are a few:

  • View of the area, a system with 4 video cameras that shows the surroundings around your car in the parking lot;
  • Parking assistantwhich will automatically (theoretically) correctly park the car wherever it fits;
  • Side assistantwhich monitors your blind spots and alerts you with the lights in the side mirrors if you cut someone when you want to change lanes.

Interestingly, the VW Tiguan has a system that automatically and instantly raises the bonnet in the event of a collision, e.g. pedestrian, which, according to the manufacturer, reduces the risk of serious injury (probably so, but I will never check).

What is the new Tiguan not?

The new Tiguan is not a sports car, at least not with the 2.0-liter diesel engine and 150 hp engine that is sure to be a bestseller in Europe. From just 9.3 seconds to 0-100 km (i.eautomatic transmission), the new Tiguan is breathtaking.

The driving mode selection system has a few presets - for example, Sport mode stiffens the suspension, but in no way turns the car into an all-track rally SUV.

What I like about the new Tiguan:

  • Quality of materials, attention to detail, comfort, spaciousness, quiet operation of the car, lines of the new version, more aggressive and better refined than the 4-wheeled candy box of previous versions.

What leaves me indifferent:

  • Gadgets. I know it's a trend, but I'm not going to use all these digital assistants when parking, turning, overtaking and so on. Well, it's a matter of taste.

What I don't like:

  • I was surprised by the automatic gearbox of this model, which has a kind of ... German balance that I did not expect. This is a box that works seamlessly and unprecedentedly, as long as you treat it calmly and carefully. But when you push the pedal all the way down, it has a delayed response, not much but enough to annoy you and make you feel insecure, such as during short overtakes.


The conclusion is that the VW Tiguan is a comfortable car for quiet, premium and family-friendly people. Sarcasm aside, it's a great car, especially for towing and traveling in general, as it's very roomy and reliable.

If you have any questions or comments about the content, please let us know.

FAQ dotCan the Tiguan tow a caravan?

Can the Tiguan tow a caravan?

With a trailer weight of 2,500 kg, the Tiguan can tow any full loadbraked trailer. Provided that the weight of the trailer does not exceed 85%.have weightcar, you're good.

Can you tow a VW Tiguan?

Yes, you can tow with a Volkswagen Tiguan. It is a powerful and comfortable car for long journeys. In addition, the payload is just perfect.

Is the Tiguan modeled on the Golf?

You could say that the Tiguan is modeled after the Golf because both cars have the same mechanical parts, very similar interiors and roughly the same length!

Is the Tiguan a good car?

Yes, VW is a really good car. The load capacity of this SUV is greater than you can imagine, it is also very generous when it comes to technology and road safety.



Can you tow a caravan with a VW Tiguan? ›

The towing capacity of the Volkswagen Tiguan supports up to 2500kg.

Is a VW Tiguan a good towing car? ›

The VW Tiguan makes a very good tow car. Perhaps it's a little pricey, but sometimes you get what you pay for. Stability is the cornerstone of the best tow cars, and the Tiguan is very stable indeed. It fills the driver with confidence at 60mph, with only the slightest tugging at the back when you're overtaking an HGV.

What can a Volkswagen Tiguan tow? ›

Is the VW Tiguan Good for Towing?
Car Make & ModelMax Towing Weight - UnbrakedMax Towing Capacity - Braked
Volkswagen (VW) Tiguan Allspace 1.5 TSI Automatic (110 kW/150 PS) (2018 - 2020)750kg1800kg
Volkswagen (VW) Tiguan Allspace 1.5 TSI Automatic (110 kW/150 PS) (2021, 2022, 2023)750kg1800kg
129 more rows

Can you put a tow bar on a VW Tiguan? ›

Towing brackets for your Volkswagen car come either as kits for self-installation or choose our professional fitting service - you can fit your own towbar with full instructions provided and high quality technical support available.

Can automatic cars tow caravans? ›

Can I tow a caravan with a manual or automatic transmission? Manual transmissions are generally better for towing than automatics, as they give you more control over the speed of your car. Automatics can also be less efficient when towing, as they tend to shift up into higher gears sooner than manuals.

Can I tow a caravan the same weight as my car? ›

If the maximum mass of the caravan is 85% or less than the total kerb weight of the car, the car will tow the caravan easily. If the maximum mass is between 85%-100% of the car's kerb weight, this could be potentially more difficult to tow, and should really only be done my experienced caravanners.

How many miles will a Tiguan last? ›

A 2022 Tiguan can easily last more than 100,000 miles with proper care and maintenance. At this point, most of these Volkswagen SUVs should still be under warranty unless the owner is making cross-country trips regularly.

What is the reliability of a Tiguan? ›

The 2023 Volkswagen Tiguan has a predicted reliability score of 73 out of 100. A J.D. Power predicted reliability score of 91-100 is considered the Best, 81-90 is Great, 70-80 is Average and 0-69 is Fair and considered below average.

Is Tiguan a reliable SUV? ›

Consumer Reports has given the last three years of the VW Tiguan a 1/5 rating for reliability. J.D. Powers ranks the VW Tiguan's reliability as merely average. The VW Tiguan is expected to last 160,000 to 190,000 miles, which is slightly below average for compact SUVs.

What VW is best for towing? ›

The Touareg

This powerful SUV is one of Volkswagen's best towing vehicles. It contains a 3.6-liter V-6 engine that provides 280 horsepower and 266 pound-feet of torque. This configuration makes it possible for the Touareg to tow a maximum of 7,716 pounds.

Why is a Tiguan called a Tiguan? ›

The name Tiguan is a portmanteau of the German words Tiger ("tiger") and Leguan ("iguana") and won a naming contest by German car magazine publisher Auto Bild—from a field of names that also included Namib, Rockton, Samun and Nanuk.

What makes a Tiguan an R-line? ›

The R-Line package also adds stylized air inlets up front along with front and rear bumpers that are unique to the R-Line trim models. Other notable exterior modifications include R-Line badging and side skirts that create a sportier look than other Tiguan models.

What is the difference between a tow bar and a tow hitch? ›

A tow bar, which is also referred to as a tow hitch, attaches to the vehicle being towed or the rear of the RV. Using this method is quite easy as many tow bars can be installed by just one person. The bar has the ability to be mounted on either the vehicle you are towing or the RV itself.

Can I legally fit my own tow bar? ›

You can fit your own towbar if you have the correct expertise, but we would not recommend it. Without the right knowledge and expertise, you have no way of knowing whether it has been fitted safely or correctly.

Is it safe to tow with a tow bar? ›

Used and maintained correctly, towbars are extremely safe. However, if the correct safety precautions are not followed, improper use of a towbar can result in a nasty accident. You may want to cut corners and install your towbar as quickly and as cheaply as possible.

Which SUV can tow a caravan? ›

Our favourite SUVs for towing a caravan include the Audi Q7, Volvo XC90 and Land Rover Discovery. But there are plenty of great options if you need something a bit less expensive, such as the Land Rover Discovery Sport or Kia Sorento.

Can you tow a caravan using cruise control? ›

Using cruise control with a well-matched tow vehicle and caravan is safest and most effective on flat, straight highways. Setting your speed: When setting a speed point, remember that trailer tyres have speed limit maximums, which may not be as high as the speed limit on the road you are driving on.

Can you tow a caravan with a normal car? ›

If you passed your car driving test from 1 January 1997, you're now allowed to tow trailers up to 3,500kg MAM .

Can a EV tow a caravan? ›

Technically yes, electric cars can tow caravans.

However, as an overall rule for petrol, diesel and electric cars it's not in your vehicle's best interest to put continuous strain on it by towing. It requires a huge amount of power for any car to tow anything, caravan or otherwise.


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